just so we’re clear…..

I am not your next pop star.
Never wanted to be.
Never want to be.
I am not an entertainer .
I am an inspirer.
I don’t sing songs to entertain and distract.
I write songs to inspire,
to heal,
to bring awareness to…..
myself ……
and if I’m lucky,
to others.

I don’t want to be a tv or movie star.
The closest thing in acting I’ve ever wanted to do is stage plays of the non musical sort

I am not your next “triple threat”

I am not your next Beyonce,
I am not your next Aaliyah…..
I am not Cassie’s competition
nor am i Rihannah’s.

I don’t want to make the world dance,
I want to help the world think,
be freed
and be true to it’s essence.

I am not your next radio friendly…..

I don’t know what your idea of making it is,
but today I surprised my daughter with her very own room.
I successfully put a roof over me and my soon to be 3 year olds head……
I made that happen.

I made it .

I do not want to be your next pop star

I am not your next pop star

I have a pudgy little nose that I never plan on “fixing” ,
a cup full of butt
tiny tits from breast feeding a child for the full year that nature suggested
( in which, btw…
I never plan on filling back up with any other material other than breast milk)

I am not your next perfectly plump,
slim nosed,
5 foot 7 
cover girl.

I am 5 foot 2

And I am not your next popstar.

I am not dedicated to being #1,
the highest paid,
or the most sexually sought after….

I am dedicated to providing for my daughter,
my family
and the world to the best of my ability.

I am dedicated to being happy,
being comfortable,
and being myself.

I don’t need to be rich…..
Never have been,
never wanted to be
and probably never will be
because a person who is truly rich in spirit,
sees no purpose in the excess of anything….

I’d rather give a million people one dollar
than to boast that I myself,
am a millionaire.

I will sing about who I am ,
what I do,
and what I think.

Sometimes it will be similar to your favorite popstar…..
sometimes it will be similar to your favorite politician,
sometimes it will be similar to a respected philosopher
or an unknown astronomer…..

But do not call me these things.

I am just a me ,
as you are
just a you.

PSA to anyone expecting me to be the next of any thing…..

I am the very first ,
and the very last

I am NOT
your next pop star.

- l.a ,

- jhene aiko
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