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Ebro: and this is about your soul being out not like you souled out? 

Jhene: Exactly… Exactly…

Ebro: talk to us about that… like what is it about?

what is your real life truth…

“@papasonnie: Witnessing the blood, tears and years it took for this to happen makes this purchase like a sweet victory. To say I’m proud would be an understatement. @jheneaiko”

@papasonnieWitnessing the blood, tears and years it took for this to happen makes this purchase like a sweet victory. To say I’m proud would be an understatement. @jheneaiko”


(Jhené Aiko New York  Meet and Greet: My story.. That’s me in the denim jacket with the curly hair)

On Wednesday 9/3 after coming off of an 9 hour overnight shift, I went home, showered, changed and then made my way downtown to the Beats Store in Soho for Jhené’s Meet & Greet. I arrived around 11:30AM to secure my spot but to my surprise there were only 2 people there… One who arrived at 9AM and another who arrived at 10AM. We sat and talked as more people started to show. It was soooo hot! and the stores steps were metal so there was no escaping the heat. After about 2 hours The line started to grow and the sweetest person, Candice, who was the store manager, came out to greet us and asked us if we would like to come inside. Once we were inside she questioned us about our arrival and who was together… She let the first six people on line enter the area new the stage where the line started so we could secure our spots. Candice let us, sit down and chill. She actually let us eat in our store, she let us use the employee bathroom and charge our phones. She made us 6 feel so comfortable all while running her store. ….

The line inside of the store started to trickle outside and I knew the time was getting closer. While it was just us 6 by the stage more people got let into the little section. They started playing Jhené’s music and we were singing every last word. More people started showing up, photographers, friends, label employees… Arielle and Jhené’s boyfriend, DotDaGenius was there. Elle Varner also stopped by for a little while. Jhené finally showed up a little after 6pm as her manager Taz and Security escorted her to the stage. They opened the curtains while we were all singing “To Love & Die” and cheering for her and I really couldn’t believe that Jhené Aiko was sitting no more than 5 feet away from me, looking more gorgeous than anyone could ever imagine. Pictures do her no justice.

I was the very first person to go up and man I WAS SOOO NERVOUS…. When the security guard told me he was going to start the line where I was I started shaking right then and there. It was like I was meeting the queen of England. I got up to her and I didn’t even know what to say or what to do… all I remember was that I told her I’m the person who runs all the “FYeahJhene” stuff and she said it was nice to meet me and asked for a hug :). and she asked me to hold down the poster I rolled up (I had so much stuff in m hand I couldn’t keep it unrolled). I pretty much flew off the stage after than and then I heard someone behind me say “YOU’RE NOT GOING TO GET A PICTURE?!” To be honest I totally wasn’t even thinking about it lol.I’m glad someone photographed it for me though.. I wish I didnt go first because maybe then I would have remembered stuff to say…It was like an out of body experience. I don’t really like the way I look in pictures anyway so I didn’t mind.

The meet and greet continued, us first 6 got to stay in our spots and just enjoy her for a little while longer. They started paying non “Souled Out” songs. When they played “Comfort Inn Ending” were all like “YEEEEES” and started going in with the lyrics. Jhené’s manager took an INSTA-VID of us singing and giving Krissy the loudest shoutout lol. She was smiling during that. Fans were giving her gifts like mugs and bracelets and took countless selfies and even had to climb on top the table at one point…. Milli who was right by her side was also taking pictures of people and letting them know how to get the right angles on where to stand because of the light lol… It all ended and they closed the curtains. Me and a few others left the building and waited outside. She came outside around 8 with people swarming her and taking pictures. Once she got into her car and stopped at the red light a fan ran up against her side of the truck. Once the light hit green her driver flew by and she was saying goodbye and waving at everyone she saw…. The energy from that day is still in me. I smile every time I think about it. It was a really good day, despite my lack of food and no sleep…. I cannot wait to see her again on September 19th for the King Of The Fall concert….

Overall it was an amazing hot experience. I met some very amazing people, some of which gave me compliments on the blog, One of which I found out submitted something for the birthday book I created for Jhené. It was cool to know that there were actually a few people there whole follows us. I hope for something  like that soon. 

(Photos from DefJam.Com)

The Pressure MOVIE .GIF, Made by: Tanisha

The Pressure MOVIE .GIF, Made by: Tanisha

The winds of grace blow all the time. All we need to do is set our sails.
- Ramakrishna

They called her witch because she knew how to heal herself.
- Here We Are, Reflections of A God Gone Mad (2nd edition)
Just because I accept you as you are does not mean that I have given up all hope of your improvement.